Big thanks to everyone who came along to our summer residency of Elements Gallery London. Scroll down for more...





  • We brought the seaside to the city at our residency of Elements Gallery London curated by Rebecca Feiner. Drawing inspiration from our own personal backgrounds (one seaside, one city), as well as interviews with local East End residents, we celebrated the heyday of the British seaside and acknowledged the role played by the seaside in Sixties youth culture. We then brought the residency to a close with a tongue-in-cheek look at the decline of the British seaside.


    We've documented the whole process on a blog. Click here to have a read.

    Photo of QbA painted beach hut which reads, "What do we what?" "The seaside!" "When do we want it?" "...1957..."

    The driftwood signs from the residency can be seen at Stantons in Enfield until mid-November.






  • Photo of one of QbA's painted #pennydrops, Quite Bad Ass. The image shows a penny with a young Queen Victoria, with the words 'quite bloody angry' painted.
  • Penny prints. An occasional series.












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    Quiet British Accent is an artist duo. We began working together in 2011 and use a variety of signwriting and sewing techniques to explore our love of lettering, language and pop culture.


    We also paint fake expansions of our QbA acronym on old pennies and leave them on the streets for people to find (follow us below, or search for #pennydrops for clues). These little calling cards aren't for sale, you have to find one.


    Throughout the summer of 2017, we held a residency at Elements Gallery London. Since 2011, we've endeavoured to exhibit regularly and have also been featured by the likes of The Guardian, Design Week & Cool Hunting, taken part in the annual Art Car Boot Fair, worked on various commissions and workshops, and dropped a lot of pennies.


    Drop us a line if you have a question.

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