Elements Gallery London

    Until Sept 8th 2017

  • Photo of the Quiet British Accent installation at Elements Gallery. Photo shows deckchairs, windbreak, beach towels and a decorated beach hut.
  • We're bringing the seaside to the city this summer with our residency of Elements Gallery London curated by Rebecca Feiner. Drawing inspiration from our own personal backgrounds, as well as interviews with local East End residents, we'll celebrate the heyday of the British seaside whilst exploring contemporary issues with, perhaps, a suitable nudge and a wink.


    You can follow our progress via the WYWH? blog link in the menu.

    Photo of a fishtail parka, customised by QbA, featuring the Pete Meaden quote 'clean living under difficult circumstances'.
    Photo of a leather bikers' jacket, customised by QbA, featuring a quote from a 1960's biker, "When you've got no place to go, you go fast".

    For our Summer Party, we focused on the 1964 seaside clashes between Mods & Rockers, customising a parka and a leather jacket and adding some new pennies.

    Photo of four QbA painted pennies in a frame. #pennydrops
    Photo of a QbA painted sign which reads 'Wish you weren't here?'.

    Exhibition begins: 23rd June 2017

    Ends: 8th September 2017


    Viewing is from within LUBOMIROV / ANGUS-HUGHES during exhibitions Friday to Sunday 12-6pm, or by appointment. Elements Gallery at LUBOMIROV/ANGUS-HUGHES 26 Lower Clapton Rd, London E5 0PD.

  • Photo of a QbA knotted hankie, decorated with the words 'Kiss me quick'.
    Photo of two QbA-decorated deckchairs. One reads 'Knobbly Knees Champ' and the other 'Miss Great Britain'.
    Photo of QbA painted beach hut which reads, "What do we what?" "The seaside!" "When do we want it?" "...1957..."
    Photo of local East End residents' memories of trips to the seaside, on knotted hankies.

    Our beach hut contains the memories of local Hackney residents from the heyday of the British seaside.

  • Photo of one of QbA's painted #pennydrops. The image shows a penny with a young Queen Victoria, with the words 'quite bloody angry' painted.

    Quiet British Accent is an artist duo. We began working together in 2011 and use a variety of signwriting and sewing techniques to explore our love of lettering, language and pop culture.


    We also paint fake expansions of our QbA acronym on old pennies and leave them on the streets for people to find (follow us below, or search for #pennydrops for clues). These little calling cards aren't for sale, you have to find one.


    Over the past six years, we've exhibited regularly, been featured by the likes of The Guardian, Design Week & Cool Hunting, taken part in the annual Art Car Boot Fair, worked on various commissions and workshops, and dropped a lot of pennies.


    Drop us a line if you have a question.

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